Orange County's Halloween event COMPANY

About the Event

Abracadaver's Open House and Market

Each year, Abracadaver Productions holds an Open House and Market in its backlot in Fullerton in late June/early July to celebrate our anniversary and also to showcase Halloween vendors in Southern California.  We have also held popular Halloween Markets in October for those who need those last minute props and decor.  

This year we're excited to announce we're moving our October show indoors, and we're re-branding it as GRAVE HARVEST.  Our new indoor venue, The Hotel Fullerton (in Fullerton) will be big enough to accommodate more vendors as well as host presentations and demonstrations for Halloween enthusiasts.  Get your Halloween on,Orange County! Grave Harvest will be here soon!  Save the Date - Sunday, October 2nd.

Here are some photos from previous events.  Enjoy!